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About me


Much of my knowledge related to web and software development stems from self-education. I first learned to code in middle school. In first grade of high school, I started out with web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Since then, I have been continually learning new skills and improving old ones. My experience includes various web development languages, frameworks and tools, both for frontend and backend. I'm currently studying Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University, which allows me to gain a lot of relevant knowledge with courses in computer science, logic, math, linguistics, psychology and cognitive science.

Work experience

Before I returned to Utrecht University to finish my A.I. degree, I've had a few different jobs in tech. For my first job at MijnStudent Utrecht, I helped individuals and small businesses troubleshoot computer-related problems at home. I later started working for OGD Utrecht, where my activities consisted primarily of outsourced projects and interim positions. One of those projects entailed replacing the hardware that is used for requesting official government ID documents at Dutch municipalities. At my last job for Prisma Watches, I worked on an ambitious e-commerce platform as a full stack developer.


There is no publicly accessible version of my resumé available online, but if you'd like a copy, please send me message or give me a call and I'll send it over ASAP.

About you

Working together

Every web development project is fundamentally a joint effort between the developer and the client. I don't just work for you – we work together. This requires a strong incentive from both sides to push boundaries and exceed expectations. Additionally, I firmly believe that clear and open communication is the cornerstone for success in many aspects of life, including business and development. It is only when a team has this kind of synergy, that their project can evolve into something amazing – sometimes beyond what they initially envisioned.

Getting to know each other

I'd like to know who you are, what you do, and what you need or want for your project. If you're open to getting a cup of coffee and discussing your project, don't hesitate to get in touch. I speak English and Dutch fluently and you can find my contact info at the bottom of this page. Let's meet!

About your project

Tailored to your needs

Every project has its own specific requirements and every client has their own communication style. Understanding one another on where the project is headed is paramount to making it succeed. I realize there is no one-size-fits-all solution in web development, so I only offer custom websites / web applications. This allows me to fine-tune the result to fit your business needs perfectly and to focus on the aspects that are most important to you.

Tailored to your visitors' needs

A website or web application should be built with the visitor in mind at all times. There are various ways to do this: paying attention to accessibility for visitors who have a disability, making the user experience in general intuitive and enjoyable, and making sure the website works well in any browser, on any operating system, and on any device. Sadly, these things are often forgotten in web development projects. In my opinion, creating a pleasant user experience for every visitor (different as they may be) is an important part of the development process.

Built to last

I take pride in my work. It's important to me that I deliver the best product I possibly can. This also means I won't go for quick and easy band-aid solutions, and that might take a little more time. However, I'm convinced that this approach is more than worth it in the long run. Short term thinking gives rise to long term problems that are typically much harder to solve. This is a well-documented concept called technical debt.


Website or web application

I primarily build websites and web applications. The options range from simple, informative websites (like this one) to more complex web applications with a lot of moving parts and very specific requirements. Hosting, a service agreement for tech support, and non-free fonts and media licensed for commercial use are not included, but optional.

Technical support

I optionally provide technical support for websites and apps I've built. Requirements change over time, so your website or app may also require an upgrade after a while. If you want to add a new feature or make some changes to an existing website/app, just let me know! If you have any other questions, I'd like to hear those as well.


If you don't need an entirely new website or app, but you just need some help fixing certain issues on an existing website, or if you'd like some tips on how to get started with a web development project yourself, I may be able to help you out with that, too! That includes project management, version control, user experience design, security, and accessibility.

Web hosting

Hosting a website costs money. You can find a hosting provider and manage the hosting yourself if you like, or I can do it for you. I will also handle domain name registration for you, and request an SSL certificate if you want your website to be officially verified and accessible over HTTPS (it will have that nice green 'secure connection' indicator next to the address bar). You will be paying for the fees of the hosting provider, plus a little bit more for the service you get from me.


Affordable fees

Non-commercial clients and individuals have smaller budgets than large companies. I will keep this in mind when we discuss the pricing for your project. Depending on your preference, we can work with a fixed price or an hourly fee. I dislike charging more than what's reasonable and I will never charge hidden fees or additional costs – I value working together in good faith. Besides: forging a strong, memorable collaboration is simply a much better long-term strategy than trying to get a few extra pennies out of a project.

Structural positive change

Being able to contribute to structural positive change in society is very important to me, both in my private and professional life. This means that the people who are working hard to make the world a better place will get a discount. You are probably eligible for this discount if your company is a nonprofit charity, or if you are actively working to fight global warming, alleviate poverty, improve public health and/or education, help refugees, or support a similar cause.

Get in touch

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